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If you have dropped by our store location recently, you no doubt been surprised by the fact that there has been no one there! This is because we came to a point where we had to make some changes, the cost of operating a store front was getting to be very difficult. Itís hard to run a small business with very limited financial means. It has always been my desire to focus on the needs of our clients, I never once came into the business with the mindset of becoming wealthy. Our goal was to be able to make enough to live on. While supplying our clients with a great service. Which like myself has not always been perfect. 

As of now I have been hired by Grand Valley Transit to work as a driver for their bus services, This will be my primary employment, but we still have the desire to try and help out as much as we can with Monument Inkjet. It will take some time for me to get settled into this new routine, once I have it together, Iíll be looking to start doing some sideline computer work, and possibly refilling cartridges! 

What I am looking for is our clients to be patient, as this process plays out, to allow us to get out path figured out, And to adjust to this new way of life, and then I can try to get things working again, although at a smaller level. 

So we invite you to check back here regularly for updates!  And keep up with this adventure weíre going through on our facebook page!  I seriously appreciate our clients, and the overwhelming support we have already gotten, All of you are the best, and I hope to be able to assist you in the future with all of your computer / ink refill needs!!! 

Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;  
Romans 12:11

Phone: 970-424-5236


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